Longueville CREATIVE Laboratory © is a global design and art consultancy that addresses customers' issues and wishes, including high effect challenges, with an one-of-a-kind combination of innovativeness

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With interdisciplinary implementation and effective creations, we assist our customers with major undertakings to maintain a strategic distance from the trap of the ordinary, giving the impulse for the evolution in their venture

While joining and arranging the force of the outlines, savvy financial matters, where nature is paramount,  we offer the guarantee of new innovations and creations.  

 Here below are a few creations we have done :

evolutive spaces for hotel industry
plan with vision for a green building in Switzerland
thoughts provocative vanitas paintings collection "Memento Mori" 
vison plan for a cute low cost livable furniture
digital projects allowing to have a clear vision anticipating the action
solution changing the way of collecting water
evolutive solution for a shop becoming a show room
implementation of a nice refurbishment for restaurant to decorate at low costs
creating original art that allows everybody to collect
supporting artists by the creation and implementation of art fairs
creating original art that influences the circulation of the energy in your surroundings

vision plan to transform a mountain spa hotel into a passive hotel
vision plan for a future city to keep contact with the nature and reducing the urban heat islands effect
creative architecture for cities’ council to allow everybody to have a livable and sustainable home

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